Lean Manufacturing Solutions (LMS) was formed in 1997 in order to meet the growing interest in the Toyota Production System (TPS), which is sometimes also referred to as Lean Manufacturing. The primary objective of LMS is to support manufacturers who have a desire to implement the Toyota Production System within their company.

What sets our company apart from other “lean” consultants?

The LMS partners gained extensive TPS experience from their years at the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC). As original members chosen for this unique and specialized experience, they learned TPS at the hands of Toyota’s foremost TPS experts, Mr. Hajime Ohba and Mr. Fujio Cho.

How is our approach different?

Shop Floor First – Other consulting companies tend to offer a lot of classroom training or seminars. While some education is important, we believe, in the tradition of the Toyota Production System, in order to eliminate waste, you have to be on the shop floor to see problems and make improvements.

“Kaizen-Only Consultants” – If your company has ever done or is considering doing kaizen-only efforts, then you probably already know or will soon find out that these improvements do not hold up over time. In order to sustain improvement, you must implement TPS in its entirety.