Our Specialties

“We teach as we were taught at Toyota. This means that we’ll adapt to your unique culture in choosing from our vast well-rounded practical knowledge.  We recognize that every company and its’ customers are unique.  You deserve to be the best in your industry!

  • True TPS Thinking
    • TPS has taken on many forms over the years subsequently being “watered down” as a result. Our consultants use proven methods and teach as they were taught while working at Toyota. We teach true TPS thinking in its simplest form.

  • Strategy Deployment – “Hoshin Kanri”
    • Hoshin Planning is a holistic approach to conceptualizing, evaluating, selecting, and implementing strategy towards “true north” of your organization. It also thrives on buy-in achieved from the inclusive nature of the process which is a critical part of change management.  The organizational readiness and ability to execute is considered throughout the process.

  • Supplier Development Programs
    • Suppliers are critical part of your end-to-end process – you are only as good as your worst performing supplier. LMS partners will help you develop a program to evaluate and target supplier opportunities for improvement. If necessary, we can also work directly with your suppliers.

  • JIT Implementation
    • While at Toyota we spent many years teaching traditional Toyota suppliers how to become JIT manufacturers. Our primary goal will be to teach you how to eliminate waste and reach the ultimate goal as a JIT company.

(Photo – Future State Map –  Toyota, A-type Pull System)