Starting From Need

Starting From Need:
All companies have one thing in common – the desire to increase profits. There are many challenges, however, that prevent companies from becoming more profitable.

  • Domestic and global competition
  • Higher expectations from customers
  • Rapid pace of change in regards to technology and new products

Increasing costs to customers in order to improve your bottom line is not a reasonable solution.

  1. Excessive production resources
  2. Overproduction
  3. Excessive inventory
  4. Unnecessary capital investment

Our approach is a plan-based, yet action-oriented shop-floor approach. We work with client staff to develop a plan based on mapping current state and future state value streams at their operations. We take a step-by-step approach to ensure that the concepts are transferred and the systems are in place, often concentrating first on several lead locations, and progressing from there to other operations.

This approach differs from most lean consultants in that we implement a lean system, beginning from customer order to finished goods, in an efficient manner. Short-term process improvement (Kaizen) workshops and activities will provide benefits; but those alone, will not leave a company with a sustaining improvement system.