Toyota Production Systems Approach

The goals of tps are simple and straightforward; provide the best quality product, in the shortest time period possible, with the best price to the customer. The following phases are the key elements needed in order to successfully achieve these goals:

  1. Stability
    • stable manufacturing processes and 100% quality parts
  2. Jidoka
    • building quality into the production processes
  3. Continuous flow
    • produce one-by-one as efficiently as possible
  4. Takt time/standardized work
    • the time required producing a single component or entire product based on sold products.
    • most efficient work flow – considering quality, safety, quantity and cost
  5. Pull system
    • system designed to produce only sold products
  6. Heijunka
    • level production according to volume and variety

Many companies have tried to use one or maybe a few of these elements and have not accomplished as much as they had hoped. Lean manufacturing is a highly integrated system requiring each element to support the other in order to be a successfully functioning system.