What A Project Might Look Like

The following is an example of a typical plan of work we use when starting a new project:

1.      Develop Lean Journey Assessment (lean scoring system modeled after the Toyota Production System)  

a.   Method to measure a site’s lean implementation status

2.      Develop current and future state maps as well as 30/60/90 day deliverables using the Toyota Material and Information Flow method.

a.   Develop current and future state maps – “road maps” for implementation

3.      Form a Lean Steering Committee

a.   The steering committee would be comprised primarily of top management and meet on a regular basis to discuss strategy, review progress, break barriers, etc.

4.      Support Site Lean Team – Kaizen Events

a.   Train-the-trainer

b.   Insure each site is actively working to implement future state map

c.   Create training materials as needed specific to site

5.      Benchmark other model sites developed by Lean Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

a.   Visit current LMS projects that are well on their way to becoming a JIT company.

6.      Implement Site, Business Unit and Cell Boards

a.   These boards are used to pinpoint opportunities as well as gauge the level of success of the project.

7.      Supplier Support

a.   Develop program to strengthen suppliers – the initial target would be to work with worst performers.

b.   Develop supplier evaluation program.

c.   Develop program to recognize good supplier performance.

d.   Mentor employees and lean leaders.

Client List

LMS has worked with an impressive number of companies, with extremely varied products and/or services – from small companies to Fortune 100s which range from existing to new start-ups.


  • Parker Hannifin
  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Delphi


  • Kodak
  • Hickory Chair


  • Bank of America

Heavy Machinery

  • Altec Industries


  • Texas Instruments

Medical Devices

  • Philips Medical
  • Philips Electric


  • Merck & Co. Inc.